Triage - Your First Assessment

This is the starting point of your treatment plan and is the first step you can take towards a life free from the burden of alcohol dependency.

Your first assessment for alcohol treatment is completely FREE!

This triage appointment is when we assess the level and type of care that you need. One of our experienced team will take you through a personalised assessment that will give us a thorough understanding of you and your needs.

We do not charge for this confidential appointment as it is a chance for us to gather the information needed in order to give you the optimum level of care, personalised to your individual needs. It is also a chance for you to meet us and assess our service.

Our discreet and thorough initial assessments cover a range of proven screening criteria including:

  • Alcohol dependency
  • Misuse patterns
  • Medical, Physical, Forensic and Mental health
  • Psychosocial functioning
  • Any Clinical contraindicators

Once your assessment is complete you will also receive a FREE personalised alcohol diagnosis report, which includes diagnostic and statistical data.

Following this initial assessment you can then progress on to the type of treatment, discussed by you and your practitioner, that best suits your requirements. Book your free assessment at one of our centres.

We also offer alternative assessment options if you don't live near to one of our clinics. We can provide an assessment over the telephone, just call 0203 733 8982. Alternatively complete our free quick and easy online assessment.

0203 733 8982

to speak to one of our trained professionals

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Triage Assessment

Why is Wellington Lodge different?

We are different from other treatment services because:

  • Only we specialise in alcohol treatment
  • We can arrange appointments very quickly
  • We give a FREE initial assessment
  • We provide a FREE diagnosis report
  • We are available 24 hours
  • Our in-patient program is great value
  • We offer a great level of aftercare