Professional Referrals

Referring couldn’t be simpler for you and your teams

We accept referrals from:

  • Primary healthcare teams and professionals
  • Social Services
  • Alcohol and Drug agencies
  • Consultant psychiatrists and therapists

To be eligiable for referral a client has to be of adult age with a primary diagnosis of alcohol dependency. In the event of emergency admissions, we can start the process rolling with just a phone call. Telephone 0203 733 8982 to find out more.

All clients receive an initial assessment that covers a range of proven screening criteria including:

  • Alcohol dependency
  • Misuse patterns
  • Medical, physical, forensic and mental health
  • Psychosocial functioning
  • Any clinical contraindicators

Information packs are available for clients and professionals who would like to understand more about treatment. Our easy to complete referral/application form can be quickly completed by care managers together with their client and sent to us by fax, email or post. You can also complete an online application form.

For referrals you will need the following documents:


  • Referral application form
  • Copies of recent assessments and risk assessments, if available
  • Copies of previous assessments, summaries and reports, if available
  • History of offending, if any

Please note: clients can be excluded from accessing treatment on contraindicators/medical grounds or if they have a history of serious offending (arson, schedule one, sexual offences or violence).


0203 733 8982

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