Referring yourself into our service

If you are in need of immediate help you can refer yourself directly into our service at Wellington Lodge by telephone or email. Just call 0203 733 8982 to speak to one of our practitioners and they can guide you in the right direction. Or if you prefer contact us here or fill out our online referral form.

Referals into detox services often require a GP letter, but at Wellington Lodge we understand the sensitivity involved with alcohol dependency and do not insist on a referral letter from a GP. However, we do recommend a GP letter if at all possible and where client treatment is funded by private medical insurance a letter is usually required.

If you have requested a letter from a GP and it has not yet arrived, we can get the process going by booking you an appointment before we receive the GP letter. Call us now to discuss this. If you feel unable to request a letter from your GP, call us and we will assist you.

If you are in crisis call 0203 733 8982.

0203 733 8982

to speak to one of our trained professionals

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Independent Referral

Why is Wellington Lodge different?

We are different from other treatment services because:

  • Only we specialise in alcohol treatment
  • We can arrange appointments very quickly
  • We give a FREE initial assessment
  • We provide a FREE diagnosis report
  • We are available 24 hours
  • Our in-patient program is great value
  • We offer a great level of aftercare