Alcohol Treatment Articles

  • Alcohol and Sugar - 05/08/2012
    Alcohol has a big impact on the body’s blood sugar. Blood sugar is basically the amount of sugar that the blood has in it which acts as a fuel for the body....    Read Alcohol article 1
  • Drink Drive Offences - 12/06/2012
    Under UK law there are a number of possible drink drive offences which carry the risk of imprisonment, fines and disqualification. Not all ‘drink drive’...    Read Alcohol article 2
  • Alcohol Rehab and Drink Driving - 12/06/2012
    Because the Courts recognise the importance of addressing the underlying problematic use of alcohol by people who are convicted of drink driving, there is a formal...    Read Alcohol article 3
  • Drink Driving and Alcohol Problems - 11/06/2012
    Although the link between drink driving convictions and alcohol problems may seem obvious, many people with alcohol problems who drive motor vehicles don’t always...    Read Alcohol article 4
  • Alcohol and the Stomach - 09/03/2012
    Anyone who’s ever had a hangover will know that alcohol can cause problems with the stomach. The day after heavy drinking the stomach often feels very queasy and...    Read Alcohol article 5
  • Foetal Alcohol Syndrome - 30/09/2011
    FAS is a term used to describe the pattern of abnormal problems observed in children born to alcoholic mothers. It is also used to define the problems arising in unborn...    Read Alcohol article 6
  • Alcohol and Mental Health - 12/09/2011
      Mental health problems aren't just the result of drinking too much alcohol - they can also cause people to drink too much. One of the main reasons for drinking...    Read Alcohol article 7
  • Alcohol Abuse: a disease - 09/09/2011
    Alcohol abuse is a disease which is characterised by a pattern of drinking alcohol that results in negative emotional and societal effects on a person's life. Those...    Read Alcohol article 8
  • Am I An Alcoholic? - 08/09/2011
    Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are due to many related factors including genetics, how you were brought up, your family, your friends and your emotional health. People...    Read Alcohol article 9
  • Alcohol and Insomnia - 01/09/2011
    In the past, sleep problems have been associated with the use and abuse of drugs, but sleep disturbances have also now been linked to the use of alcohol and chronic...    Read Alcohol article 10

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