Alcohol Rehabilitation

Giving you the confidence to leave alcohol dependency behind

We want you to have the skills and knowledge you need to stop relying on alcohol and to prevent it from dominating your life. We recognise however that alcohol withdrawal and rehabilitation can be a daunting time for our clients.

Our alcohol rehab programs at Wellington Lodge are specially designed to address the unique needs and challenges of alcohol dependence recovery. So you can not only stop drinking, but be free to progress with your life without a pre-occupation with alcohol.

Our programs provide the crucial specialist support to protect patients during detoxification and rehabilitation phases, the periods of greatest vulnerability. We continue this support even after the treatment is completed with a year’s free aftercare included with our alcohol rehab packages.

You can discover a new and happy meaning to your life; filled with purpose, self respect, confidence and peace of mind. Our tried and tested evidence based treatments produce real results even for those who have previously struggled to remain sober. In fact we specialize in treating people who have failed in other treatment settings, enabling them to achieve lasting sobriety.

Our clients learn essential skills and strategies to tackle the specific challenges they will face during their recovery from alcohol dependence.

During your rehabilitation at Wellington Lodge you will:

  • Learn how to stay sober and live alcohol free
  • Re-discover purpose in life and reason for living
  • Discover how you can prevent relapse and minimise any alcohol cravings
  • Acquire the skills needed to make the choices and changes you want in your life

For more information on our supportive rehabilitation program call 0203 733 8982.

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Alcohol Treatment

Why is Wellington Lodge different?

We are different from other treatment services because:

  • Only we specialise in alcohol treatment
  • We can arrange appointments very quickly
  • We give a FREE initial assessment
  • We provide a FREE diagnosis report
  • We are available 24 hours
  • Our in-patient program is great value
  • We offer a great level of aftercare