Alcohol Dependency Prevention Program

The Alcohol Dependency Prevention Program prevents regular alcohol drinking from turning into dependency.

Alcohol: socially acceptable, widely available and promoted in a way that no other drug has ever been. In fact alcohol is so common and often for sale at such cheap prices that it has become the subject of national concern.

However alcohol still has a unique and often positive position, reputation and status in our society. This can make it difficult to recognise when drinking is no longer healthy but has developed into more of a problem.

Before alcoholism or alcohol dependency there will be a period of misuse, when the person concerned is beginning to drink above normal levels. It is during this window that, if addressed, it is possible for dependency to be averted and consequently a great deal of future harm and suffering can be avoided. 

Want to know more about alcohol dependency and how it could affect YOU?

The Alcohol Dependency Prevention Program at Wellington Lodge gives the opportunity to catch your drinking before it escalates to alcohol dependency or addiction. It is a focused expert intervention to prevent alcoholism before it is too late and it begins to dominate your life. During the prevention program you will:

  • find out where you are on the alcohol dependency continuum
  • map your projected drinking
  • receive a personalised plan developed to prevent dependency
  • discover the real reasons why you drink and how dangerous drinking develops
  • recognise your triggers and learn how to manage your crisis situations
  • introduce key alcohol consumption management skills
  • learn a variety of ways to stop drinking
  • learn the true dangers and facts about alcohol, and drinking

For more information on our Alcohol Dependency Prevention Program call 0203 733 8982 or contact us here.

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