Detox Plus

A detox program suited to your individual needs

For a variety of reasons some of our clients are not able to commit the time to an extended in-patient alcohol treatment period. In response to this we have developed an innovative program called Detox Plus. You still get all the essential intervention of a full recovery program in a more compact time frame, where you don't have to commit to full in-patient treatment.

Clients may still need all the treatment stages involved in a full detox, i.e. medicated withdrawal or stabilization, combined with a period of focused rehabilitation. With this in mind we combine two treatments in our focused Detox Plus program to successfully deliver all the features and benefits of detox with the essential benefits of rehabilitation.

We pass on our learnings from previous client experiences so that we can offer treatment programs to suit everyone. Clients who choose Detox Plus can still benefit from our years of experience in safely detoxifying and stabilising people with a whole variety of alcohol dependency concerns.

With Detox Plus, patients are still individually assessed and prescribed a tailored and bespoke treatment and medication regimen. With round the clock monitoring and supervision, you can be confident that your treatment will suit you and can be adapted to meet your ongoing personal needs and time constraints.

Within 7 – 10 days most people will be completely alcohol free and ready to start the rehabilitation phase of their treatment.

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