Alcohol Detoxification

You can rely on our expertise in delivering effective detox

Many people do not really understand the real risks and dangers of alcohol detoxification. At Wellington Lodge we really do understand.

Unmanaged alcohol withdrawal carries with it the risk of fatal side effects. These are minimised or avoided by an alcohol detox, medicated withdrawal or stabilisation.

The process works by substituting your brain’s and body's chemical dependence upon alcohol onto another more stable substance, and then the substitute medication is gently withdrawn.

This proven approach reduces the symptoms of alcohol dependence and eliminates alcohol toxins - giving a more comfortable, safe and effective treatment.

Because we are always looking into ways of improving our detox methods at Wellington Lodge, we use a range of complementary therapeutic and holistic tools during alcohol withdrawal and substitution to support the body’s ability to eliminate and re-stabilise. Complementary therapies can also help to further alleviate any discomfort.

Within 7 – 10 days most people will be completely alcohol free and ready to start their new life.

Detoxification to Suit You

Patients are individually assessed and prescribed a bespoke treatment and medication regimen. During detox round the clock monitoring and supervision of progress is provided by our experienced staff, ensuring that you can be confident your treatment will suit you and can also be adapted to meet your ongoing personal needs.

Our highly trained team has years of experience in safely detoxifying and stabilising people ranging from those suffering chronic alcohol dependency to relatively low risk drinkers too. Please call our experienced team on 0203 733 8982 to book an assessment and see how we can help you today.

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