After Care

Supporting you towards longterm sobriety

At Wellington Lodge we know that the transition from alcoholism treatment back to everyday living maybe difficult and can present challenges that can be unexpected and unsettling.

Research shows that people who receive ongoing aftercare support during recovery from alcohol dependency are significantly less likely to relapse. They are also more likely to enjoy the associated benefits of sustained recovery, including better psychosocial functioning and emotional wellbeing.

With this in mind Wellington Lodge offer a range of aftercare services, which vary in length and therapeutic intensity depending on individual clients needs. Our specialist expertise and knowledge mean that you benefit from our network of focused support. We are there for you as you put into practice and hone all the skills learnt during treatment.

All our in-patient rehabilitation treatment programs include one year’s free aftercare.

Wellington Lodge aftercare programs offer:

  • specialised sessions developed for people in recovery from alcohol dependency
  • an understanding of the real reasons why people relapse
  • practical tactics to prevent relapse
  • training to prevent your recovery from being sabotaged
  • dedicated sessions to tackle difficulties faced

Please click here for more information on our after care programs and services or call 0203 733 8982 to find out more.

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